Attic Insulation

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

When most people think of insulation – batt insulation is often what comes to mind! It is the most widely available and commonly installed form of insulation. RBH uses fiberglass batt insulation that is available in widths suited to the standard spacing of wall studs, and attic and floor joists. Batt insulation is a great option when considering future remodel work, as it can be removed in large pieces.

Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation can be blown into nearly any space and is commonly used to reinsulate attics in existing homes using unbonded loose-fill fiberglass insulation. This insulation provides excellent coverage in open attic areas, providing complete coverage and increasing the R-value in the attic. This loose fiberglass insulation that is used for blowing can also be dense-packed into other closed-cavities such as:

  • Garage ceilings under conditioned spaces (where there is a living area above a garage)
  • Vaulted attic areas where accessible

Under Floor Insulation

Due to being below grade, basements naturally are cold and damp. In addition to this natural feature, uninsulated box sills in basements can make the space feel even colder.

Box sills are located where the ceiling joists (those that support the first floor of the house) meet the exterior walls of the home. This is an area that contains little building material which makes it even more vulnerable to energy loss. In addition, any heat that is in the basement rises to the ceiling and is the lost through this area that does not have insulation and likely has air leaks. We recommend installing fiberglass batts in basement box sills to maintain a consistent temperature in this area of the home.

Crawl Spaces
Crawl spaces can create headaches for homeowners. A crawl space is susceptible to moisture and deterioration problems. Because the soil has high humidity, a crawl space naturally becomes damp, as the crawl space is in direct contact with the soil. Damp environments are unhealthy, harboring mold and creating an ideal living space for pests.

This damp space is not isolated to the area below your home. Since the natural airflow of a home is from bottom to top (ground to sky), the moist air (and everything in it) flows up and into the living areas of the home as your home naturally breathes. We use R-19 fiberglass batt insulation to insulate crawl spaces of homes.


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