Sound Isolation

RBH Insulation offers specialized soundproofing products along with our complete line of residential insulation systems. Whether you are working on a trouble spot in your home or a full blown studio we have what you need. For studios and homes we maintain an inventory of leading noise control products like:

Green Glue
Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)
Quiet Clips
Isomax Clips
703 Board (used for sound panels)
Ultimate Underlay (used for under carpet, tile, laminate or hardwood floors)

We have supplied sound products to world-renowned artists.

Through our distributorship with Sound Isolation Company we offer a wide variety of sound products to aid homeowners and contractors with their sound control problems.

Our business hours are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday. We accept cash and Mastercard, Visa and American Express with proper ID.


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